Welcome to Wild Flow

Your pole movement journey begins here.

“I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of [wo]man, the landscape of h[er] soul. I hope that every dance I do reveals something of myself or some wonderful thing a human can be.” – Martha Graham

Wild Flow Pole Movement, in partnership with The Scar-Lit Box, explores and empowers this creative landscape through the medium of  pole dance.

Together, studio owners and qualified instructors, Hedwig and Genevieve, have collaborated to create a safe, body-positive space here in Woodstock for YOU to learn to dance and feel amazing.

Each studio is fitted with five poles and allows for a maximum of four students per class with one instructor. This enables an individual and personal teaching and learning experience. The focus is on providing you with quality instruction and one-on-one attention.

Hedwig’s Pole Movement training combines the important elements of technique, strength and flexibility into contemporary dance and movement sequences on and around the pole, wherein you are encouraged to creatively explore what it means to move and dance in a way that is authentic to you.

All shapes and sizes welcome. You are enough.

Big Love,


Hedwig is an incredible pole artist and teacher. She has a beautiful gift for crafting a masterpiece out of simple movements, as well as approaching challenging movements with seeming simplicity. I have recently opened my own pole studio in Brazil, and it’s not uncommon that I find myself echoing some of her fundamental teaching pointers.


Hedwig’s incredible teaching will boost you to the next level in your pole dancing journey. She was and still is a breath of fresh air! And she truly cares about her students. She’s delightfully humble but exudes a beauty, confidence and skill level I want in an instructor. Her classes are filled with laughter, sweating, hard work, perseverance and exciting new tricks and transitions. She tailors her instruction to your skill level, always pushing you to grow and improve within your ability – even when you are having an ‘off day’. Or release your inner tiger with an exotic routine! My videos are often filled with her voice shouting ‘yes!’ in the background, and as a student that makes me incredibly happy. I’m so excited for this new space and can’t wait to train under her expert guidance again.