Welcome to Wild Flow

Your pole movement journey begins here.

“Within every woman, there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman.” (Women Who Run With The Wolves)

The Wild Flow Pole Movement and The Scar-Lit Box Pole Dance Studios explore and empower this feminine creative force through the medium of pole dance.

Together, owners and qualified instructors, Hedwig and Genevieve, have collaborated to create a safe and welcoming space for YOU to dance and feel amazing.

Each studio is fitted with five poles and allows for a maximum of four students per class with one instructor. This enables a safe and personalised teaching and learning experience. The focus is on providing quality instruction and individual attention to each student.

At Wild FLow we are all about feeling the FLOW of things. Hedwig and Genevieve adopt an holistic approach to pole dancing by developing fitness, flexibility, and strength using dance movement techniques on and around the pole.

Getting into your Wild Flow means giving yourself permission to let go and be yourself. It allows you to creatively explore what it means to move and dance in a way that is authentic to YOU.

I love Hedwig’s classes: the dancing style, the routines, the way she runs her classes are all a joy.

As a dancer, she is mesmerizing. She’s a true artist, excellent with choreography, and brings new beautiful ballet style combinations and positions to her students in abundance. She exemplifies perfect technique and has a gift for spotting and correcting technique and posture detail. Often I will be able to do the moves but just don’t look as good doing it, and she is always willing and able to help with being able to identify what it is that I can’t put my finger on. In a private lesson, she helped identify the cause of a problem I was having with the technique of one of the more fundamental moves.
As a teacher, she is just a natural. It really shows that she loves teaching, and is genuinely excited by each dancer’s progress. I’m pretty sure she is one of the best pole teachers in the world and her students are lucky to have her. I aspire to dance like her and she inspires me to be a better dancer. 


I’ve just joined up with Hedwig. I’m loving the intimate space and her focused hands-on approach. She is meticulous with technique and I know that what I learnt from Mel, my teacher at the Poling Station in Jozi, I will be able to bridge over with the new chapter I have embarked on down here in Cape Town. I am excited about this next adventure.